The Morning Joe crew was fit to be tied this morning, following President Trump’s powerful State of the Union speech last night.  As a distraction to the laundry list of Trump’s accomplishments, the unhinged group decided to attack the release GOP Rep Devin Nunes’ potentially explosive FISA memo.

A clearly frustrated Joe Scarborough whined over the shift of the phony Russian-Trump collusion story to the FISA memo, “This is so mind-boggling what the Republicans are doing.”

Scarborough’s unhinged, Trump-hating girlfriend, Mika Brzezinski, agreed.

The arrogance of the out-of-touch, liberal panel was exposed when MSNBC’s Elise Jordan asked incredulously, “Why are Republicans trusting Devin Nunes to be their oracle of truth? A former dairy farmer who House intel staffers refer to as “Secret Agent Man…because he has no idea what’s going on.”

Scarborough quickly attempted to point out that Nunes’s claims about the surveillance and then recusal from the Russian investigation proves he’s a liar. “They’ve already busted him lying.” Scarborough then piled on his criticism of Nunes in his effort to discredit him, adding, “They’ve already busted him being a courier.”

“He’s nothing but a courier for Donald Trump!”


The snarky Jordan continued, “It’s not like Mike Rogers (the former Michigan Congressman) is the one who’s we need to look into this, someone who’s respected on both sides of the aisle. This is Devin Nunes that Republicans are staking their credibility on, a guy that I’m sorry, I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw him.”

Scarborough went into recovery mode when he realized what his guest host just said, and told his audience before they cut away for a break:“By the way, there’s nothing wrong with dairy farmers, I like them.”

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