Venezuela fangirl, the defacto leader of the Democrat Party and Socialist United States Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attempted to place blame on Timothy Sloan, CEO of Wells Fargo, for the caging of children on our southern border (that started with Barack Obama) during a House Financial Services Committee Hearing on Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez, who insists she be taken seriously, lays bare her ignorance and inability to defend her radical positions without making up her own set of facts.

Ocasio-Cortez started her questioning of the Wells Fargo CEO with an incredible question:

“Why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the caging of children, to begin with?”

The Wells Fargo CEO responded, “I don’t know how to answer that question because we weren’t.”

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Ocasio-Cortez, unsure about how to proceed, stumbled, “Uh, so in finan–, you’ve, you were financing, involved in debt financing in CoreCivic and GEO group, correct?”

Mr. Sloan appeared to be genuinely confused over her lack of preparation and understanding of what it means for a bank to finance a project. He slowly responded, as if he was explaining financing to his grandchild, “For a period of time, we were involved in financing one of the firms, we are not anymore. I’m not familiar with the specific assertion you are making, we were not involved in that.”

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Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t finished “punishing” the big bank CEO. Her next question was even more incredible and embarrassing, “Should Wells Fargo be held responsible for the damages incurred by Climate Change due to the financing of fossil fuels and these projects?”

“I don’t know how’d you calculate that Congresswoman,” Sloan responded.

Ocasio-Cortez attempted to explain her question that had nothing to do with Wells Fargo, and in doing so, exposed her abject ignorance in the role of the bank, as it relates to “climate change” or “pipeline leaks.” Ocasio-Cortez continued,  “Say from spills, or when we have to reinvest in infrastructure building sea walls from the erosion of, um, from the erosion of infrastructure or cleanups, wildfires, etc.”

Sloan, still dumbfounded by her ignorance, continued, “Related to that pipeline? I’m not aware that there’s been any of what you’ve described that’s occurred that’s related to that pipeline.”

Before Sloan could finish his response, Ocasio-Cortez interrupted, talking over him as he attempted to answer her question. Again, Ocasio-Cortez asked another nonsensical question, “How about, uh, the cleans up from the leaks of the Dakota Access pipeline?”

“I’m not aware of the leaks associated with the Dakota Access pipeline that you’re describing,” Sloan responded.

After the Wells Fargo CEO completely humiliated Ocasio-Cortez by explaining that none of the things she was saying are true, she responded with a hypothetical question, “So, hypothetically, if there was a leak from the Dakota Access pipeline, why shouldn’t Wells Fargo pay for the clean up of it since it paid for the construction of the pipeline itself?”

Sloan left her with a final zinger…”Because we don’t operate the pipeline, we provide financing to the company that’s operating the pipeline.”


The Conservative Treehouse nailed it with some questions for Ocasio-Cortez’s that reveal the abject ignorance of the questions she asked the Well Fargo CEO:

Should the bank who holds your mortgage be responsible for cleaning your kitchen after a grease fire?

Should the lender of your auto-loan be responsible for rotating your car tires?

If an elephant walks through your front yard, how many pancakes does it take to fill a canoe?

Here’s the video in its entirety. We’d love to hear your remarks about this incredible exchange in the comment section below.

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