It was a quiet day at a Lenexa, KS Costco, when a bad guy with a gun made his way into the store, claiming he was there to “kill people.” Fortunately, for the Costco shoppers, an off-duty Kansas police captain (a good guy) was also shopping at Costco with a gun. 

Captain Michael Howell was on his day off when he saw the gunman burst into the store with a pistol in Lenexa, Kansas, and begin screaming ‘I’m going to kill people’.

Captain Michael Howell had been in Costco with a friend on his day off, looking for an electric fireplace

But as gunman Roland Hunt made his way further into the store, Captain Howell was in hot pursuit with his gun drawn on Sunday.

The cop, who has worked for the Kansas City Police Department police for 22 years, can be seen stealthily trailing the man in the video.

He later shot the gunman dead when 58-year-old Hunt turned his revolver on the officer.
Neither Howell or any other customer was hurt.

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The gunman had been a long-haul truck driver, was living in his truck in the car park of the Costco before he walked into the store brandishing the gun.

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Captain Howell was modest about his heroism: ‘I’m just a cop doing my job.’

‘My greatest fear was we had kids with their moms, with their grandmas, with their dads,’ Howell said, according to Police One.
‘It was little kids running and screaming. And seeing the fear in their faces and knowing whatever it took, I had to do whatever necessary to end this threat so they wouldn’t get hurt.’ –Daily Mail

Watch the drama unfold in the Costco surveillance video:

Here’s the first 9-11 call from a customer at Costco:


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