Attention all liberals: Please read this article to be informed in advance of the planned message and purpose of the upcoming Freedom Convoy U.S.A. 2022 before mainstream media twists the protest.

The truckers organizing the protest are attempting to be as transparent as possible from the start, so there’s no confusion, explaining that they are coming peacefully, lawfully, and constitutionally to demand and end to government overreach.

Inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa who stood bravely against their nation’s strict COVID restrictions, the Freedom Convoy U.S.A. 2022 is ready to start a similar protest.

The truckers will begin in California and embark on a 2,500-mile (4,000-km) cross-country drive toward Washington, D.C., on March 1, the same day, the State of the Union Address takes place.

One of the organizers of Freedom Convoy U.S.A. 2022, Kyle Sefcik, posted a video addressing the President on social media, and believe it or not, it was taken down.

Sefcik explains that this doesn’t have to happen and pleads with Mr. Biden to end the mandates in advance, and the peaceful convoy will not need to happen.

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Twitter took this video down from

so we made this page to try this again. #FreedomConvoyusa2022

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One of the organizers of Freedom Convoy U.S.A. 2022, Kyle Sefcik, mentions in the video above that he requested a permit and posted the tweet below:

Haven’t seen it yet but @NationalMallNPS

confirms there is a permit request in connection w/MD gubernatorial candidate @KyleSefcikForMD for a First Amendment event on March 1 in support of the trucker convoy protest. Told it includes 1K-3K people.

This message in the video is simple, Mr. Biden. The choice is in your hands. This convoy does not need to proceed. If the restrictions are ended, so does the convoy.  America will see how Mr. Biden responds.

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