For the past two weeks, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been exposing the truth behind the very radical Bernie Sanders campaign for President of the United States. In a brand new video, Project Veritas reveals plans by two more Bernie Sanders presidential campaign workers, this time in South Carolina, who reveal shocking plans to use violence to meet their goals of destroying capitalism in America.

South Carolina Bernie Sanders campaign workers who appear in the video are circled, Daniel Taylor (L) Mason Baird (R)

In the shocking video below, Mason Baird, a paid field organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in South Carolina, reveals the truth about plans for violence against Americans to achieve their goal of destroying capitalism to an undercover reporter working for Project Veritas.

Maison Baird can be seen bragging about the anarchists and communists who’ve joined their campaign, and adding that they don’t publicize their commitment to Bernie’s campaign, “I’ve canvassed with someone who’s an anarchist, and with someone who’s a Marxist/Leninist. So, we attract radical, truly radical people in the campaign…Obviously that’s not outward-facing.” Baird explained, “A lot of those people who do that kind of work, are…their politics fall well outside of the American sort of norm. So, they’re Marxist-Leninists, they’re Anarchists, they’re these types of folks, and um, and they have more of a mind for direct action, for engaging in politics outside of the electoral system.”

Where are the calls by the media and Democrat Party asking Bernie Sanders to disavow this frightening and dangerous rhetoric?

Daniel Taylor, a staffer working on the Bernie Sanders campaign in South Carolina is also featured in Project Veritas’ video, where he explains how socialism was “more toxic” 4 years ago, and how people are starting to warm up to the idea now. He added that the campaign doesn’t want to “scare people off” by revealing their plans about proposed violence, as he discussed support for Bernie by “Antifa” and “Yellow Vests” (French protesters who’ve used violence to gain attention to their call for higher wages by destroying Paris, and other small communities in France).

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Daniel Taylor told the undercover reporter: “It is unfortunate that we have to make plans for extreme action, but like I said, they’re not going to give it to us, even if Bernie is elected.”

Taylor also admits he has no problem with violence because they’re “planting a seed” with the ultimate goal of a Socialist United States of America. “I have no problem going all-in on the campaign stuff because you’re planting a seed…The whole socialist thing four years ago was a lot more toxic than it is today,” Taylor tells the undercover reporter.

In the full-length video below, Taylor says he believes Bernie is in agreement with their tactics and would endorse them if he is elected.

Here’s the video in its entirety:


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