Yesterday, Joe Biden, who has a reputation for plagiarism, was in New London, CT, today, where he delivered his first (and hopefully last) commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy.

During his speech, Joe told what he thought was a funny joke.

“I can only assume that you’ll enjoy educating your family about how the Coastguard is, quote, the hard nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war,” Biden said, as he waited for applause. When Joe didn’t get a reaction from the graduating class, he berated them.

“You’re a really dull class. Come on, man. Is the sun getting to you?” Biden said after comparing the US Coast Guard with the US Navy. He added, “I would think when you have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy, to clap.

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A few people in the crowd offered Joe an obligatory clap, to which America’s punchline Joe Biden replied, “All kidding aside, being here together is a victory in and of itself.”


Today, the reason Biden was so stunned he didn’t receive a rousing round of applause for his comments was revealed.

As it turns out, the very popular President Ronald Reagan, who also suffered from dementia, but AFTER he was out of office, delivered the exact same line during a commencement speech to the US Coast Guard graduating class in 1988.

“My coastguard aides have been excellent. One of them taught me that that the Coastguard is that hard nucleus about which the navy forms in time of war,” President Reagan told the graduating class, to which he received thunderous applause.

Here’s the shortened version:

Here is the longer version:

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