Joe Biden channeled Jeb Bush on Saturday when he begged the crowd to clap for him after failing to get the reaction he wanted.

Do you remember Jeb’s infamous “Please Clap” moment?

I’m happy to refresh your memory because I play this clip every chance I get:

Well, Joe Biden just had his own “Please Clap” moment.

It happened during a commencement speech he delivered at West Point academy.

“Never forget America is the strongest when we lead not only by our example, of our power, but by the power of our example,” Biden announced.

The crowd was silent, but instead of letting the moment pass, Biden made things even more awkward, following up with a desperate, “You should clap for that!”

Watch the pathetic, but hilarious, moment here for yourself:

Independent reported:

President Joe Biden asked a crowd to acknowledge his inspirational statement to newly graduated West Point cadets while delivering the US military academy’s commencement address on Saturday.

After receiving roaring applause for joking about the rivalry the school has with Annapolis, the United States Naval Academy, and absolving cadets of any minor infraction, Mr Biden was met with silence when he offered words of encouragement about leading the world.

“Never forget, America is the strongest when we lead not only by our example our power, but by the power of our example,” Mr Biden said.

After a few seconds he added, “You can clap for that.”

The crowd offered golf-like applause before Mr Biden moved on, telling the 1,036 cadets that their role as members of the US Army was to pledge their allegiance to the Constitution, not a political party, and saying that he will keep American soldiers out of Ukraine and Israel.

Of course, Biden is getting obliterated on social media over this.

Take a look at these responses:

But, hey, let’s not be too hard on Joe.

It runs in the family.

Another social media user shared this lovely clip of “Dr.” Jill Biden also snapping at an audience who didn’t laugh at here joke:

What do you think?

Which moment was worse: Joe’s, Jeb’s, or Jill’s?

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