Many Americans still believe the presidential election was stolen. It’s no surprise that the Biden administration would also try to steal credit from the Trump administration for their successes.  With the Biden administration taking credit for Trump policies for several weeks now, a reporter finally got a bit fed up.

It was all caught on camera.

“Isn’t it a bit disingenuous to claim credit for the 18 companies winding down.  You guys have only been in office for a month.  Are you telling me that in the last 4 weeks these 18 companies all of sudden decided to say ‘oh my God, we better not do anything with Nord Stream 2,” AP reporter, Matt Lee indignantly asked State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Nord Stream 2 is a massive European gas pipeline between Russia and Germany that is considered very controversial.

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It allows Germany to double its consumption of Russian gas.  It also bypasses transit through American allies such as Poland.  This means that Europe increases its Russian gas supply while denying any control or taxation of the gas to any country other than Germany.  Taxes on Russian gas are a sizeable amount of government income in places like Ukraine.

Aside from the fact that this means Russia would control even more of the European energy market, it also means Germany–a fan of The Great Reset, would also control monetization and distribution of that vast amount of gas in Europe.

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Russia would also be more easily able to shut off existing pipelines that go through Eastern Europe, especially to countries with which they have disputes or which they want to usurp, such as Ukraine.

Environmentalists also worry about the pipeline’s affect on the Baltic see life.

But America has its own self-interest in opposing the pipeline, as well, since we are now producing more natural gas than ever through fracking and want to sell it around the world.

Because of all these reasons, Trump opposed the pipeline and saw it as a risk and detriment.

Now that Biden has usurped the presidency, he has apparently continued the Trump policy to wind down the pipeline.

“This demonstrates that our…legislative strategy…has been working to good effect,” Price had said, insinuating that the Biden regime policies had caused this perceived success

But fed-up AP reporter Matt Lee still wasn’t having any of it.  While being talked over by Price, he shot back.

“You guys are taking credit for stuff that the previous administration did.  Right? Yes or no?”


Where has such reasonable scrutiny of Democrats by the media been for the past 12 years since Obama?  Will it continue?  We hope so, but won’t hold our breath.

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