Democrat Joe Biden tried to reignite his chances of rising in the polls during the Democrat’s debate when he shouted at the audience to stand up for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman who was escorted out of the White House today. He also said that Vindman should get the Medal of Freedom instead of Rush Limbaugh. Bad move, Joe. The medal of Freedom can only be given to a civilian and not to LTC Vindman who leaked the president’s classified calls. Vindman is a traitor.

The ‘moment’ that Biden was looking for just made him look desperate and angry. He literally yelled at the audience to “get up.”

Speaking of yelling, Greg Gutfeld said it best:

“joe’s sounds like the guy at the bar after he got fired, talking fast and loud about all the stuff he did better than everyone else. loudly.”

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Joe Biden said Vindman should be getting a medal, not Rush Limbaugh, and leads the crowd in a standing ovation for Lt. Col. Vindman who was escorted out of the White House today. 

This was not a good look for Biden. He needs to put those angry eyes away!

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