Former Washington Bureau Chief of Investor’s Business Daily, Paul Sperry took to Twitter to remind Americans of the time Bill Clinton kicked him out of a White House event for asking tough questions on Clinton’s involvement in the “Chinagate” campaign-finance scandal.

The Drudge Report archives reveal an astonishing article, that was published on Tuesday, September 28, 1999, explaining how a “furious President Clinton” banned the Washington Bureau Chief of Investors Business Daily, Paul Sperry, from the White House.

A furious President Clinton has ordered a Washington reporter banned from
the White House, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, after the reporter quizzed
the president during a press picnic about illegal money from China and the
campaign-finance scandal!

Paul Sperry, Washington bureau chief of INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY, was
thrown off the invite list at the White House after he grilled the
president for more than 10 minutes about various political scandals.

“It turned into a real shout match on the south lawn,” one eyewitness told

At one point during the argument, President Clinton put his hands up to
both sides of his head, wiggled them, rolled his eyes and gave Sperry a
funny face.

“Make sure that guy never gets close to me again!” the president ordered
one of his aides after the showdown.

White House press secretary Joe Lockhart, angry that Sperry transformed a
family picnic into a confrontational press conference, told an associate
that Sperry is a “Class A s**thead.”

Lockhart personally informed Sperry during a phone conversation late Monday
that he would never be invited back to the White House.

“The only regret we have is inviting you — and we won’t make that mistake
again,” Lockhart warned Sperry.

It began innocently enough.

“When are you going to have your next formal press conference, Mr.
President?” Sperry casually asked Clinton while he was shaking hands and
socializing with a reporter and their families.

Clinton: “I don’t know. I’ll have one.”

Sperry: “When?”

The president replied, “Why?”

Sperry: “The American people have a lot of questions about illegal money
from China and the campaign-finance scandal.”

It was at that point that Clinton started to become unglued.

“Who are you with?” Clinton demanded to know.

“I don’t like your accusatory tone. It sounds like you’ve already got the
story written.”

Sperry gave the president his business card and said that the public wanted
answers about the allegations of illegal contributions from China.

Clinton: “I’ve been all around this country, and you are the first person
to ask me about it. Not one person has brought that up… You want to know
the only person who has been linked to money from China? Haley Barbour and
the RNC, that’s who!”

A red-faced Clinton began to rant about Waco, Republicans, the FBI and gun

Sean Hannity of Fox News interviewed Paul Sperry after then-President Clinton blew up at him.

Sperry told Hannity, “What he really went off on” was he asked him about the 4 FBI agents who testified about the investigation into the Chinese fundraising at the task force of the DOJ. The FBI agents claimed that the DOJ was blocking them from following any leads back to the President.

Watch, as Bill Clinton’s press secretary, Joe Lockhart defends the decision of the White House to ban Paul Sperry. What’s really remarkable is that in 1999, Bill Clinton’s press secretary is publicly mocking and calling into question the legitimacy of the Drudge Report, while defending his decision to ban reporters who ask questions that might expose the truth about crooked Bill Clinton.

Paul Sperry tweeted about the event the media would like everyone to forget about:

BLAST FROM PAST: President Clinton bans reporter (yours truly) from WH Watch Clinton spox Joe Lockhart ban Paul Sperry from White House after he asks President Clinton hard questions about his role in Chinagate (the REAL foreign “collusion” scandal):

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