How does Bill Maher have a show on TV? It can’t be entertaining to watch such a hateful person attack his guests like it did last night.

Maher has a history of being hateful towards President Trump and all things Republican. He also has been in hot water before for saying blatantly racist things on-air.

In 2017,  HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher responded to guest Sen. Ben Sasse’s question, “Would you like to come work in the field with us?” with the N-word. This man is beyond disgusting in his past comments but THIS is the absolute worst. He responded to the audience groans by saying “it was a joke”. So this jackwagon jokes at the expense of those in the black community…Shame on him!

Last night was no exception!

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Maher went after black Republican Will Hurd in a rant-filled interview with rapid-fire anti-Republican and anti-Trump comments.

Listen below as Maher zings Hurd with the comment that he was probably working in an alley next to a Popeyes Chicken during his years as a CIA agent;

Who watches Bill Maher? He’s repeatedly done things like this over the years but gets a pass.

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