Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin put the heat on Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) over the House GOP’s failure to secure the United States border.

The House passed $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without allocating any funds for the southern border.

Melugin asked Jordan why should Republican voters trust they’ll accomplish anything for border security at this point.

“We’re on pace, Bill, to get to 12 million migrants coming into the country in the four years of the Biden administration. The magnitude of that number, that’s equivalent to the entire population of the state of Ohio. We’re the seventh largest state. That is how bad this is. And now suddenly, Joe Biden, because he’s close to the election, and this is front and center on American people’s minds, he’s thinking about, well, maybe we need to change the asylum ruling and how we handle asylum, proving, as Senator Johnson said, that he could have done this all along,” Jordan said.

“We’re out here today to hear from ranchers, to hear from border patrol agents, and to, frankly, hear from a mom who lost two children because of this fentanyl issue, just to underscore how bad it’s gotten under Joe Biden,” he added.

“Yeah. And, congressman, real quick, Republican voters gave you guys a majority in the House during the midterms back in 2022, hoping something would be done on the border. You guys have had all sorts of press conferences at the border, field tours, border visits. I’ve been there for a lot of them. But at the end of the day, the House approved $95 billion in foreign aid and nothing for the border. Why should Republican voters trust you guys to get something done on the border at this point?” Melugin questioned.

“Well, two things. One, we did pass good legislation last year that’s been sitting in the United States Senate, and they won’t take it up. That legislation would have solved the problem because it would have went back to the policies that were working under President Trump on asylum and everything else,” Jordan answered.

“Second, I didn’t vote for that package. I thought that was the wrong way to go. I thought we should have tried to leverage that foreign aid to get something on the border. What I advocated is simple, use the power of the purse. No money can be used to process or release into the country any new migrants. That’s what we should have done. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the votes for that. But we need President Trump in the White House. We need Republicans in control of the Congress so we can enact House Bill 2 that we passed last year that would solve the problem,” he added.


One of the latest stories shared by Melugin highlights the catastrophe at the southern border and the harms perpetuated against Americans.

“A Guatemalan illegal alien who was caught at the border in January & released into the U.S. with a 2027 court date has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping an 11-year-old Florida girl from in front of her home, pulling her into a van, & raping her,” Melugin wrote.

CBS 12 reports:

A 20-year-old undocumented immigrant has been arrested for allegedly snatching an 11-year-old girl off the street in front of her Lake Worth home and sexually assaulting her.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s (PBSO) arrest report says Marvin Dionel Perez Lopez grabbed the 11-year-old by the hand and forced her into his van where he began assaulting her.

When the child’s mother went looking for the girl, she spotted the van not far from their apartment building where the victim and Lopez both lived. The mother spotted them inside and began banging on the van door and shouting.

According to sheriff’s deputies, Lopez jumped out of the van and ran away. After the incident, the victim’s mother went to Lopez’s apartment, where his brother was home. The brother called Lopez and told him to come home.

The mother waited to confront him. Lopez pleaded with her for forgiveness, but there was no way she could, the mother reportedly said to deputies. Then she called the police.

Investigators interviewed the victim, and she told them Lopez had forced himself on her after she repeatedly resisted his advances. She even tried to leave the van, but he pulled her back in. It escalated until Lopez allegedly raped her.

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