RUTH GRAHAM took the time to mention President Trump during the funeral for her father today. This was a kind and heartwarming gesture by the daughter of Reverend Bill Graham. She recalled how President Trump told of his first experience hearing her father preach when he was a little boy:

“I want to thank each one of you for being here today,” she told those gathered to pay respects to her brother. “From those in the very back of the tent to the very front row, we are blessed and honored that you are here. Thank you.”

“I have learned this week as never before, everybody has a Billy Graham story,” Graham continued. “Even this week, President Trump told us about his Billy Graham story. As a little boy, his father took him to Yankee stadium to hear my father preach. And he said this is a big deal.”

President Donald Trump honored Rev. Billy Graham during the ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda, where Graham will be from Wednesday to Thursday so that the public can have a chance to bid farewell to the religious leader who preached to Christians in 185 countries and territories. The Baptist Evangelist died Feb. 21 at 99, is only the fourth private citizen to lie at the Capitol.

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