Lynn Patton just appeared with Rep. Mark Meadows to refute the claim by Micahel Cohen that President Trump is a racist. The video below is stunning and was made when Patton was fed up with the left trying to paint candidate Trump as a racist. It’s fantastic and worth a listen.

The video the Left will not want America to see…

“Today, I was compelled to sit down and write this letter. Not to anyone in particular, maybe even just for myself. But as a black, female executive at the Trump Organization, I can no longer remain silent about the repeated and reprehensible attempts to align my boss and his family with racist, hate mongering groups, campaigns and messaging. As the daughter of man born in Birmingham, Alabama, who rose against all odds to become one of the most established and respected doctor’s at Yale University, there is no amount to money in the world that could buy my loyalty to a family that subscribed to such intolerant and bigoted ideologies.”

Here is Lynne Patton reading the powerful letter she penned to dispel the lies about Donald J. Trump, as well as his family:   

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From LinkedIn:

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Lynn Patton, Chief of Staff to Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump & Donald Trump Jr. (May 2009 – Present):

Oversee primary assistants for the Trump adult children & all internal operations for the 25th Floor, Trump Tower. Provide personal assistance to Eric F. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Jr., and Ivanka Trump, including calendar, travel, expenses, purchases, event coordination, contact/engagements, as well as home & business responsibilities, in conjunction with two (2) other primary assistants. Handle celebrity talent acquisition/bookings and work in tandem with the Executive Director of The Eric Trump Foundation to oversee all operations, volunteers, events, outreach, vendors & corporate partnerships; Acquire celebrity donations & experiences for The Eric Trump Foundation On-Line Charity Buzz Auction & The Eric Trump Foundation Annual Golf Invitational Live Auction; Responsible for organizing, executing and overseeing all ETF operations, philanthropic events/golf tournaments, social media & websites; Identify and develop viable partnerships and research projects for ETF in conjunction with the ETF Executive Director and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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