A black man savagely beats an elderly white man over a robbery in New York City

Despite the Attorney General and Biden Administration at large calling “white supremacists” and other “right wing extremists” the greatest threat to America and our democracy, there seem to be a lot of attacks like these–especially in New York City.

A 79 year old man, Geraldo Cabeza, was savagely beaten outside of his home in an attempted robbery in broad daylight. The perpetrator, Edgar Wilson, is a 35 year old black man.

Edgar Wilson attacking Gerardo Cabeza

The attack left Cabeza blind in one eye and is part of a continuously rising trend of violent crime across the nation, especially in New York City.

Suspiciously few of these attacks are carried out by alleged or self-described “white supremacists” or “right wing extremists.” Nope. Edgar Wilson certainly doesn’t look like a white supremacist either.

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All sorts of violent crime are up across the US under Biden’s regime. Rapes, police killings, violent robberies, and shootings are all higher now than ever under Trump. This is reversing a 20+ year trend of falling violent crime rates.

Cabeza is just one of countless victims of this seemingly endless crime-wave where. Where’s the outrage over a man viciously beating an elder to the point of causing blindness in one eye? Where was the outrage over 2020’s summer of riots? Over all of the other attacks of this variety which happen in New York City and elsewhere due to Biden’s negligent approach to crime?

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There is none, because the media and this administration would rather focus on the rare but atrocious acts of violence committed by “white supremacists.”

And now, Biden switches focus to Trump supporters and the “MAGA crowd” while ignoring his own supporters–the radical left–and their acts of violence and intimidation, which far outnumber those of conservative patriots.

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