When will Americans stop being afraid of standing up to leftist agitators and tell them, “NO!” When will Americans find a backbone and stop allowing the left to dictate what they’re allowed to say or to feel? Why are white Americans allowing themselves and law enforcement officers of every race and ethnicity to be thrown under the bus, because we’re led by the radical left to believe that it will somehow make us better people.

Oddly, sports channels have decided to assume the role of America’s social conscience. Sports used to be a unifying force for Americans, a place for perfect strangers to come together and bond over their love and support for a particular team. The Disney owned ESPN sports network has been working very hard to change that.

Fear and intimidation are two of the tools the Left uses in order to make people comply with their message of unity through division. And according to one TV and radio sports host, these tactics are beginning to take hold in the NFL.

Fox Sports 1 host Jason Whitlock joined Tucker Carlson Monday evening on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about the state of protesting during the National Anthem in the NFL.

Whitlock understands that protesting is perfectly within players’ rights as Americans, but he takes issue with the method in which people like unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick go about protesting.

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“There are NFL players, black and white, who know that if you really want to address police brutality, social justice, inequality in this country, protesting the National Anthem is the perfect way for your message to get completely lost,” Whitlock told Carlson.

NFL players have so many platforms on which to voice their approval or displeasure on whatever issue they’re championing this week. But to use the National Anthem as the vehicle for their message only causes their message fall flat in the eyes of a lot of football fans. These “silent protests” don’t make them look heroic, but rather selfish.

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Whitlock also posed an interesting theory to Carlson concerning players who aren’t participating in these social justice protests.

“I want to know why NFL players aren’t offering voices of dissent?” Whitlock asked.


“You can’t tell me that there aren’t NFL players who recognize the stupidity of the style of protest Colin Kaepernick has chosen,” Whitlock said. “But they’re all afraid to say it because of the backlash.”

Another good point.

We have seen sports entities like the NFL and ESPN become bastions of social justice promotion in an age where people are being divided into more groups than the “Divergent” series. –MRCTV

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