Scott Presler is our dear friend, he’s a gay conservative and he’s also one of President Trump’s most loyal supporters. Scott appears on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page in a LIVE video every week to talk about activism and how to get help get Trump re-elected in 2020, to answer questions, and to encourage our 1.7 million followers to get engaged in the political process. Scott Presler is not your typical Republican. He spends most of his day standing on a street corner in Virginia with a speaker and a sign showing his support for President Trump. When he’s not on the street corner, he’s registering voters, sending out free Trump bumper stickers or sending out hand-written notes to thank Americans for their support of our President. In addition to being the most committed Trump supporter you’ll find anywhere in America, he also has the biggest heart, which is why reporting about what happened to Scott, only two days ago, is hard for us to do.

Scott Presler standing on a corner in Virginia, encouraging people who are driving by to ask themselves some important questions.

Scott was standing on his street corner holding up a pro-Trump sign when three young black men threw something at him from their vehicle. After launching an unknown projectile at Presler, they came back to taunt him, this time on foot. When they confronted Scott, he responded: “If you’re gonna throw things at me, at least do a better job.” Presler asked them, “Why are you attacking a gay man? Why are you attacking a gay Trump supporter?” Presler asked them, saying “I’d like to know.”  One of the young men came face to face with Presler and asked him, “Do you support Trump, for real?” Presler responded, “I sure do. I am a gay man, that supports Trump.” Presler then attempted to explain how President Trump’s U.S. Ambassador Richard Grinnell launched a global campaign to end the decriminalizing homosexuality across the world. As Presler was explaining, one of the young men yelled over him. Scott asked, “Do you think gay people like me should be thrown off of buildings because I was born homosexual?” You can hear the young men laughing at him.  “Okay, so here we have three African-Americans that hate gay people. Interesting…This is the Democrat Party right here guys. This is the Democrat gay hating party,” Presler asked them, “You know I have 268,000 followers [on Twitter] right?  “You guys about to go viral,” Pressler shouted after them as they walked away, “When he gets reelected [Trump] in 2020, I want you to think of me,” as the young punks walked away.

In addition to tweeting about the attack, Presler tweeted: I have one last thing to say: While they were throwing up gang signs, I was throwing out facts. Under , black unemployment is at its lowest point in history. President Trump signed criminal justice reform into law. Trump has benefited the black community.

Watch the exchange here:

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Pressler tweeted his final thoughts on the issue:

I tried to discuss policy even after they threw something at me. I will go anywhere & talk to anyone, even people who try to harm me.

This isn’t the first time Scott Presler has been attacked for supporting President Trump and sadly, it probably won’t be the last. Only two weeks before the 2016 presidential election, Scott Presler was forced to piece together his homemade Trump train, showing support for President Trump in the upcoming election, after vandals destroyed it for the fourth time.

Presler told the local ABC News station: “You have the freedom, and your democratic ability to vote however you want to… but this is wrong.”

The outspoken Black conservative David Harris Jr., came to the defense of Scott on his Twitter account, with this video, saying, “America, this is the real racism that’s taking place in our country right now. While Jussie Smollett just concocted a whole fake story, blaming an attack on some white guys wearing Trump hats, what just took place in real life, was three black guys attacking my friend, a white guy, that is gay, and does support Donald Trump. ”


David Harris Jr.’s video of a woman attacking him for being a “racist” for wearing a MAGA hat, recently went viral. Wearing a red MAGA hat brings out the worst in Americans who still can’t get over the idea that Hillary lost in 2016.


Here’s one of Scott’s LIVE videos on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page. In this video, Scott talks about current issues and explains to our 1.7 million followers how they can get involved and make a difference in the 2020 election.

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