Black Lives Matter terrorists marched through a Seattle neighborhood Thursday night and harassed residents who were trying to sleep.

While the liberal media and Democrats continue to portray the far-left narrative that violence in has “calmed” since federal officers retreated, many rioters have shifted their focus to residential neighborhoods. Babies and young children also live in this residential neighborhood but that didn’t stop BLM terrorists from demanding people leave their homes.

“Out of your homes and into the streets!” a woman yelled at residents as others shined flashlights into people’s windows.

“We gotta make a little bit of noise! I wanna wake some people up!” she said.


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The BLM fools don’t realize that the more they disturb people who just want to be left alone, the more they alienate those who may have been sympathetic to their cause. BLM has turned into something completely different. The group is now just out to agitate, assault, and destroy everything in their path.

“If black lives matter — prove it!”

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“Why are you trying to hide?!” a BLM terrorist yelled at a resident peeking outside of their window.

“Out of your window and into the streets!”

The gang marched to a restaurant and harassed people eating a late-night meal. Nothing stops these domestic terrorists from harassing innocent citizens.

Day after day, hundreds and even thousands take to the streets and claim the territory as theirs. They cycle through a number of chants like “F- -k the police” and “Out of your homes and into the streets.” A large number of them participate in violent criminal acts such as arson and assault. They’ve made it a game to lure law-enforcement officers out of buildings so they can assault them with blinding lasers, paint, rocks and other weapons.

Is this “peaceful protesting” or is this over the top? We’d like to know what you would do if these people came to your neighborhood.

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