A BRAVE PATRIOT went to a meeting at a 1st Methodist church where the group was discussing the “quota” of “1 million” illegals for 2019. He tries to ask a question but was quickly escorted out of the building and attacked. A woman tried to turn the tables on him and accused him of racism. The church is in Loomis, California. This is disturbing.


This is NO church!

It’s an indoctrination center!

1st United Methodist teaching how to circumvent US law has a plan on how to flood US with illegals, a member of ICE was there helping!

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Language Alert!


Why is a member of ICE doing this?

Cindy Sees Truth has more information:

This gentleman that taped is called the Prudent Patriot. He sat through and videoed a 2 hr presentation where these clowns showed how to circumvent US law. The church is the First United Methodist Church in Loomis, #California. This man was repeatedly punched. More coming.

Then to cover for their actions and make it seem as if it was all his fault, she states he flashed a white supremacy sign, lol. Gotta love the left. They are quick on their feet with lies and bs.

Here is the amazingly brave Cindy talking about the “fake families” using kids to pretend they are a “family unit” so they can be released with a court date later:


This is what’s happening with the open borders crowd. They are in on planning the invasion of 1 million illegals. Thank goodness for men like this who are brave enough to go into this hostile environment to film the truth.


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