The video below is of a brave woman called “Based Amy” approaching the “baby Trump” blimp.

All of a sudden, you hear air rushing out of the blimp and people’s shocked reactions.

The woman has been identified as Amy Dalla Mura. She was live streaming on the streets of London when she filmed herself walking up to the blimp and saying, “I’m going in”. She used scissors to pop the blimp.

After she popped the blimp, she yelled at the protesters: “That’s a disgrace! It’s a national disgrace! The President of the United States is the best president ever. Shame on you!”

She walks away from the crowd and says, “I’ve done it, guys! Yeah, baby!” to her viewers.

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She then live-streamed being arrested by British police.

The solution to the baby Trump blimp might be this:


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