CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM visited San Ysidro, California to make a point that there is “no emergency” at our border with Mexico. Instead, he pulled a Jim Acosta! He only proved that we need a wall and that walls work!

As it turns out, San Ysidro has a wall and a second wall is being built!

I’m at our border today where there is no “national emergency.” San Ysidro is the busiest border crossing in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a region of economic vibrancy — of trade and commerce. Our state thrives because of the families who live on both sides of this border.


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You have to love the attitude of a limousine liberal who is happy to let the taxpayers pay for the illegals.

While he lives behind walls and has bodyguards, he’s allowing legal Americans to suffer the realities of what it means to have an open border.

This guy puts illegals before legal Americans in every way:

This promo shot with an illegal little girl is the propaganda the left uses to twist President Trump’s efforts. He doesn’t “demonize” kids who cross the border in any way. He wants them to stay in their home country and stay safe. They are being used in order to get into the U.S. If anything, we should wish for their safe return home. They are breaking the law by being in America illegally.

How many illegals will go to Newsom’s mansion and live there? Zero! The taxpayers bear the responsibility for this and it’s not fair to the legal Americans.

Newsom’s bleeding heart didn’t bleed for those who were murdered by illegals. Remember Kate’s Law?

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