Candace Owens, conservative communications director for Turning Point USA, has been traveling around to college campuses with Turning Point USA’s founder, Charlie Kirk as part of their “Exposing Leftist Lies and Progressive Propaganda” tour.

Last month, Candace Owens spoke to a large audience at the Center of the American Experiment lunch forum, where she told the crowd how she believes that racism is just a way for Democrats to turn black voters into single-issue voters. Candace Owens asked the crowd where Black Lives Matter has been hiding and if anyone’s seen them since the election?

Perhaps racism is being used as a theme to turn black people into single-issue voters.

Every single day on the television we saw Black Lives Matter protesters.

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By the way, has anyone seen Black Lives Matter on CNN, since the election ended? I haven’t, because guess what? Once the election’s over, they no longer need to black people like mules to bring them votes. 

And that’s exactly what’s going on. 

Today, Owens posted a now-viral video from a recent college visit where a black student stood up and proudly proclaimed that he is leaving the Democrat plantation. The brave student also told the crowd that Black Lives Matter doesn’t represent the black community. In fact, he told the crowd that Black Lives Matter was founded by 3 black lesbians and that the group doesn’t do anything to promote traditional black families or family values.

“I escaped the black plantation, bro! I am empowered!”

Candace Owens admitted that she’s not an emotional person, but that this student’s passionate remarks brought her to tears.


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