The video below demonstrates how important it is that we have a right to free speech and how urgent it is that we fight to keep it.

British activist Katie Hopkins tweeted:

A Christian preacher was arrested in London for preaching about Jesus.

He was reported for ‘being Islamophobic.’

Well done to @CConcern and @AntisemitismEye for supporting this gentleman.

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Keep preaching, sir. Stand tall. Our country needs you

The man begged to keep his Bible, but the officer grabbed it and said, “You should have thought of that before being racist.”

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion can slip away with mass migration and intolerance.

The preacher in the video was clearly discriminated against for being a Christian.

Meanwhile, on the streets of London, recruiting for Islam is happening:

Is speaking about Christianity now considered to be Islamophobic?

A Christian organization called ‘Christian Concern’ is looking for this preacher so they can help him:

The police officer grabs the man’s Bible. Horrible!

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