Chuck Todd wasn’t much of a match for Rep. Jim Jordan on ‘Meet the Press’ today. He’s just not up to the task to interview someone like Jordan who’s quick on his feet. Remember that it was Chuck Todd who proclaimed during the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton was “too prepared”.

He got flustered and angry that he was getting pushback for the lies he was blatantly telling. He’s not used to the rapid-fire answers and detail from someone like Jordan.
Chuck Todd tells 4 lies in 54 seconds.

1) Pretends Cohen not visiting Prague is still a question.

2) Lies about the dossier not launching the Russia hoax

3) Lies about dossier not being used for the FISA warrant

4) Lies about GOP having anything to do with the hoax dossier

The mainstream media is beating a dead horse when it comes to Russia collusion. It’s getting pretty tiresome to have the same lies told over and over by people like Todd. This is dangerous territory because it’s where our media becomes just another arm of the Democrats. No objectivity, just a narrative to stick to no matter what.

Is anyone surprised that there are over 50 major news stories that are fake news about Russia collusion:

Doug Johnson Hatlem listed every single one of them on Twitter starting in July 0f 2017!

Wouldn’t this be proof that our media is just an arm of the DNC?


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