It’s no secret that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. That’s why it’s like watching a train wreck when you see clips of the exchanges between Blitzer and Bernie Sanders at a CNN Town Hall tonight. Blitzer was brutal to Bernie then Bernie turned into a bumbling mess.

Blitzer didn’t hold back on asking the tough questions about Reparations, Medicare for all, Venezuela, Climate Change and Taxes.

Blitzer brutalizes Bernie on whether he would approve reparations:

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He was asked why he hasn’t answered about whether he thinks Venezuela’s Maduro is a dictator. He totally dodged the question and turned to talk about Trump…

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He’s asked about climate change. This must be awkward too because it was just revealed today that he flew private jets all over the place during the 2016 campaign. He also has three homes.

He wasn’t so worried about his carbon footprint when he logged all of those flying hours on private jets or when he purchased three homes.

He also dodged the question of releasing his tax returns.

He can’t say the US won’t turn into a socialist country if he’s elected:

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Bernie Sanders refuses to say that the United States would not become a socialist nation if he is elected

He can’t even make the case for socialism over capitalism!

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