CNN’s analyst Philip Mudd just went off on Paris Dennard. Mudd screamed at him to “get out” and the best part about that was it’s not even Mudd’s show! You can’t kick someone off the show if it’s not your show!! On top of that, Mudd also said “we’re done” as if it was a bad junior high break up with his first fling. Then Mudd cussed at him saying “this is the sh-t I get” because he felt like he was obligated to special treatment after 25 years of serving. If Paris Dennard asks questions, then give the man answers. Falling back on the military or going haywire and cursing at someone sure doesn’t paint Mr. Mudd in a pretty bright picture, that’s for sure!

The conversation seemed to go fine until Dennard spoke about people with security clearances possibly attaining monetary benefits thanks to having the clearance. It seemed like he was saying people with security clearance get special bonuses or payments thanks to their insider information. Of course, that’s my personal opinion on it, but why else would someone be paid more just because they have a security clearance? Probably because they get better information, faster, right?

“A lot of these people that have these security clearances — and this is the secret in swampy Washington, D.C — they have them and they keep them because it’s profitable for them after they leave government,” conservative commentator Paris Dennard pointed out.

“Because if you have a security clearance, especially a high-level security clearance, your contracts and consulting gigs pay you a lot more money because of the access that you have.”

That explains it better than I could have! This is where Mudd goes OFF and absolutely shouts, cusses, and tries to kick Dennard off the show, even though it wasn’t his show to kick people off! Is this the type of guests we want on television? Perhaps it is, because it sure lights up the ratings whenever someone has a meltdown!

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Watch the video:

It should be noted that Phillip Mudd was an FBI official during the Obama administration.

BizPacReview provided a nice transcription:
“Profitable, Paris!?” he exclaimed. “When I’m required to sit on an advisory board, let me ask you one question, how much do you think I’m paid to do that at the request of U.S. government? Give me one answer, and you’ve got ten seconds. I have no contracts with the U.S. government. They pay me zero.”

Except Dennard had been talking about the private market: “I’m talking about the contracting gigs that you get for being a consultant and a contractor. The consulting firms that they form and that you all get is because you get more money for having the security clearance. Stop acting like that doesn’t happen. That’s the truth!”

“Zero. I get zero dollars from consulting companies that deal with the U.S. Government. Are we clear?” Mudd whined in rebuttal, completely ignoring Dennard’s point.

“Well, I will be clear in saying that everybody in Washington, D.C. knows — if you don’t want to be honest about it, that’s on you, — but if you have a security clearance and you keep it, you get more money to have it,” Dennard added.

He was telling the truth. According to Mudd’s own contributor profile with CNN, which pays him for his commentary, he’s a member of the National Counterterrorism Center, the director of Enterprise Risk at SouthernSun Asset Management and a fellow at the New America Foundation and Aspen Institute’s Homeland Security Group.

The facts make it clear that he’s benefiting from the security clearance he still possesses. But note also that Dennard’s criticism wasn’t even aimed at him. It was targeted at those who’ve been abusing their clearance to attack President Donald Trump, not that Mudd cared.

“We’re done, Jim. We’re done. Get out!” he shouted at CNN host Jim Sciutto. “Twenty-five years in the service and this is the sh-t I get.”

“It’s not your show. I’m staying right here,” Dennard replied, before dropping a final truth bomb.

“The politicization of the intelligence community under this administration with the people coming on here every day tweeting and talking about this administration — you all have made it about politics, not the president,” he concluded.”


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