CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota doesn’t want to hear the comments from Trump supporters, and it shows. Camerota can’t hide her dislike for the people on the panel who give fantastic comments about the president.

Watch the video below where Camerota listens to people explaining why they are voting for President Trump:

“The president is making every effort to do his best for people of color…the president is bringing us together.”

“He’s doing a phenomenal job, and he has my vote. Absolutely.”

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Camerota was a Fox anchor and then jumped over to CNN. She makes no secret about her dislike for President Trump.

Just last year, Camerota even defended Joe Biden’s past problems with plagiarism:

Alisyn Camerota defended Joe Biden’s plagiarism today during a debate on Biden’s history of lifting passages without giving credit.

Camerota says it’s ok to lift the opinions of experts, but the other panelists shut her down by saying Biden needed to attribute the passage back to the expert. Biden’s website did not do that but just lifted passages from experts and pasted them without credit.

Camerota asked: “…don’t you go to the experts, to the experts’ website, and lift some of their terminologies?”

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Joshua Green responded: “No, no, you cite where you get your information from; otherwise, it’s plagiarism. That’s what got him into trouble in the first place.”

Camerota has openly defended Joe Biden on other occasions during CNN segments. She’s part of the problem with our news media being so biased and opinionated. It’s not news but is opinion news when Camerota presents her defense of Biden.

Another example from last year with Phil Mudd trying to justify spying on Trump:

Watch Alisyn Camerota and Phil Mudd Trying to justify the NYT article that is just them “investigating” not spying.

The video above should be EXHIBIT 1 in showing how the media works with the Democrats.

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