During his historic rally last night in Orlando, FL, President Trump revisited some of the popular themes that were repeated throughout his 2016 campaign, like “Lock her up!” and “CNN sucks!” One of the favorite moments for Trump supporters has always been when he calls out the media for their embarrassing bias and the unfair treatment of him. Last night was no exception. While calling out the fake media, the crowd began to chant, “CNN Sucks!”

“The fact is, the American dream is back,” Trump told the cheering crowd, “it’s bigger and better and stronger than ever before!” Trump told his supporters, “2016 was not merely another four-year election. This was a defining moment in American history. Ask them right there!” he said, as President Trump pointed at the media seated directly in front of him in the press box.

The crowd began to boo, and then chanted loudly, “CNN sucks!…CNN sucks!…CNN sucks!”

Trump paused, then looked out at the media, saying, “By the way, that’s a lot of fake news out there.” He touched briefly on how the fake news media reminds him of the Hollywood awards shows who couldn’t help but to become political. Trump reminded his supporters that their ratings (like CNN’s) are also “in the toilet.”

That’s when CNN cut him off…

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Do you think Trump is right to continue to call out the fake news media at his rallies? Do you agree with him about their bias and their unfounded attacks on him, his administration and his family? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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