Don Lemon might be facing some juicy backlash after two of his guests took turns mocking a black Trump supporter with racist remarks. Lemon squeezed his cheeks and smiled high, laughing as they bashed the black Trump supporter.

Of course, it was all caught on video. To make things better, that black Trump supporter just happened to be a world-famous rapper, Kanye West, who faced his own criticisms for openly supporting President Trump

Watch the video, courtesy of Benny Johnson of the Daily Caller.

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“How can any honest person not call this CNN segment racist?

– “Kanye is what happens when negroes don’t read”
– Kanye is “token negro of the Trump administration”
– “Black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft”
– “Kanye’s an attention whore, like the president”

Johnson asked how anyone can NOT call that racist, and that’s a great question. Perhaps the people in charge can answer that question for us!

If the guests were white and said those exact things, then they would be called racist. It’s just as racist to have a black person make racial jokes towards a black person, and the offensive remarks shouldn’t be acceptable regardless of who says them.

What seems to be the truth is this – the African American Democrats are upset with Kanye West because West refuses to do what society, in general, thinks African Americans should do.

Many people believe that African Americans should vote Democrat, but answer this – what have Democrats done for African Americans lately?

Almost every single city in poverty with a history of Democratic mayors are still living in poverty.

Where are all those Democrat promises to improve impoverished cities?

How can anyone watch that video above and not consider it racist?

I felt awkward watching it because I know that if I was an African American, then I would be upset with CNN.

Kanye West, like him or not, has exposed the Democratic Party and its supporters for what they really are, which (in my opinion) is a group of people with their nose in the air telling everyone else what they can and cannot say, do, believe – then doing exactly those same things.

Kanye West and this video above expose the Democratic Party and the intolerance, hate, and cruelty that they impose on others who refuse to live on their plantation.

Break away from the plantation of the Democratic stranglehold and you’re all of a sudden an outcast, no matter who you are.

It’s a real shame how they’re treating Kanye West just because he admires President Trump.

Is that the type of people you would vote for?

I think not.

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