CNN host Erin Burnett started out her segment on the threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea by explaining to her (very small) audience the danger Hawaii could face if nuclear North Korea, (the same nation Obama left ignored for 8 years), decided to strike Hawaii: “Guam of course, is not the only island within striking distance of North Korea. Another potential target within Kim Jong Un’s range is Hawaii, which is where Sarah Sidner is live tonight. She’s inside a bunker in Honolulu which houses the emergency center’s state warning point.” Of course, there was no mention in Burnett’s dramatic warning to her viewers of how Obama ignored the the very real nuclear threat that North Korea posed to the United States, or that President Trump was left to deal with a serious issue that President Bill Clinton bragged about handling while he was in office.

Sidner went on to explain the very real threat that North Korea posed to the island of Hawaii and how Hawaiian officials there have been preparing for (here’s the magic number) “at least seven months” (which, not surprisingly is about exactly the time that President Trump was inaugurated).

Sidner then went on to explain that if a nuclear attack did take place on the island that not everyone would be affected. She explained to viewers in Hawaii, that if a nuclear missile was about to strike, they should get out of their cars and move to the inside of a building or their home, or find a cave. Find a cave?

Watch the exchange here: 

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