CNN’s Brian Stelter who is the host of “Reliable Sources” on CNN on Sunday mornings once again urged cable carriers to remove FOX News and others from the airwaves.

This week Stelter argued that, “Reducing a liar’s reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach.”

For the past few years, CNN has made it their job to delete opposing voices on the right. Since the election they are going after FOX News, OAN and Newsmax. The Gateway Pundit is ALWAYS a target with the fascists on the left.

Stelter truly believes he is doing the right thing by crushing voices he does not agree with. So did Mao.

Glenn Greenwall corrected the CNN crank saying, “Beyond all the creepy aspects of *journalists* again taking the lead in demanding media voices be repressed. Brian Stelter’s claim that “freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach” is totally false and has been rejected by courts for decades.

Meanwhile, Stelter has already vouched for the Biden White House’s relationship with the truth, praising press secretary Jen Psaki’s “refreshing” commitment to delivering accurate information.

Stelter shared a chyron from Sunday’s episode of his show “Reliable Sources” that read, “Psaki promises to share ‘accurate info’ (How refreshing).” To drive the point home, he tweeted “(How refreshing).”

Stelter made sure to let his Twitter followers know he wrote the graphic about Psaki, a former CNN commentator and longtime Democratic flack. Psaki has pledged to hold daily press briefings, a break from the Trump White House, which essentially mothballed the longstanding practice.

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