CNN host Chris Cuomo definitely drew the short straw when he was asked to fill in for host Don Lemon, on “Tonight with Don Lemon”. Unfortunately for Cuomo, he was tasked with interviewing the outrageous, nonsensical Lavar Ball, father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, who was arrested in China for shoplifting. Americans were outraged when Lavar refused to “thank” President Trump for asking Chinese President Xi to allow the young men to be set free, and took it a step further when he insisted Trump didn’t deserve any credit for his son’s release.


CNN compiled a list of some of Lavar Ball’s most incredible comments during the interview. Here is a sampling of Lavar’s bizarre remarks during the interview (Our comments are in italics):

“It’s not like he was in the US and said, OK, there’s three kids in China, I need to go over there and get them? That wasn’t the thought process, right?”

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“I don’t have to say, to go around saying thank you to everybody.”

“You come around and shake my hand, and meet me, or meet my son, or anybody and then say you know what, maybe I can help you out.”

“Just because people say things, you know, that’s supposed to be true, like hey, I stopped him from serving ten years. Maybe we were doing some talking with other people before he even got there.”

“I don’t have — no doubts about what he did. I got doubts about what he didn’t do.”


“If I’m coming to get you out of trouble, you best believe I’m going to take you with me.”

“It’s just somebody ask me a question and I gave a lot of confusion to you.”

Uhh…while we’re talking about confusion, can someone please explain what the hell he just said?

“Why is it confusing? Are you concerned?”

“Somebody can make a suggestion and somebody could do something. You have people that make suggestions you got people that do things.”

“Why are we talking about this with all these political matters going on in the world?”

Says the guy who has no idea why President Trump was in China in the first place.

“I know exactly what I said. But you buffered it up like you said that you don’t want to say thank you to nobody.”

“Buffered it up?”

“I know you’re trying to add tone to it because that’s what you do.”

Can you “add tone” to someone’s tone when they, themselves are speaking on tv? 

“I had some things done, I talked to some people that did some things, too.”

“If you want something, and you want it, you shouldn’t just go and steal it.”

“You can to Africa and somewhere and do the same thing anywhere you go in someone else’s country, yes, it’s going to be a little deeper than what you thought it was.”

Ball asked Cuomo if Trump paid their bail, suggesting that if he did, then, he would be grateful to the President. This comment is nothing short of spectacularly incredible.

“I’m asking you, I’m asking you. Did he do it?”

“Let him do his political affairs and let me handle my son and let’s just stay in our lane.”

“Somebody asked me a question, man. I give him my opinion, but I am not taking a shot at the president.”
Yeah, okay Lavar. Whatever you say…

“I’m not the other guys, though. I’m not the other guys. I’m doing something else. I’m not the other guys.”
Lavar Ball then goes on to ask CNN host Chris Cuomo to “thank” him.

“Can you say thank you, Mr. LaVar Ball?”

When Cuomo seems to be confused as to why Ball is asking him to “thank” Ball, Ball then asks another idiotic question:
“Give me a couple of reasons why you’re thanking me.”

“You don’t say thank you like any kind of word.”

Next, Lavar reminds the CNN host that he has a title, and would appreciate it if Chris Cuomo would address him by his title:

“My title is LaVar Ball, the big baller, the CEO of the Big Baller Brand.”

“But the Chinese people were like, you know what, he’s OK. He has so much character in 18 years that he’s allow to have a pass for that.”

Uhh…actually, no they weren’t. They were thinking about how many years his son would be sentenced, possibly to hard labor for the crimes he committed in their country.

This may be the funniest line of all. Ball asks the anti-Trump CNN host if he’s “Trump’s brother”?

“Are you Trump’s brother? You want me to thank you?”

“Did you thank the doctor for bringing you into this world? Well, you better go back and find him. Because you lucky.”

Apparently, this is Lavar logic…

Ball then changes gears and makes yet another strange comment:

“I like how you keep saying my whole name, man.”

Cuomo then responds to Ball, explaining that his friends call him “Mo.”
“My friends call me Mo. You can call me Mo.”

Finally, Ball makes his final and completely ignorant remark to end the completely off-the-wall segment with Cuomo:
“Chrome-Mo like Google. Like the Google Chrome.”


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