CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon pulled off another cringe-worthy performance, as they spent yet another drunken New Year’s Eve in a New Orleans bar.

For some strange reason, #VeryFakeNewsCNN continues to send Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon to a New Orleans bar every New Years’ Eve, so their viewers can watch them get drunk and make asses of themselves. 2017 was no exception.

During CNN’s New Years’ Eve coverage, Brooke Baldwin grabs her necklace and tells her gay co-host Don Lemon, “By the way, my balls are bigger than your balls.”

Lemon, who seemed unfazed by her drunken statement, appears to agree with her, as he responds, “probably.”


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Baldwin’s comments to Don Lemon did not go unnoticed by Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis, who had an interesting exchange with Brooke on CNN in September 2017.  CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interviewed Clay Travis about his thoughts on remarks made by racist ESPN host Jemele Hill when she called President Trump and Kid Rock ‘white supremacists’. Travis attempted to explain how he was passionate about the defense of Hill’s First Amendment Right, but felt that ESPN needs to be consistent with who they retain and who they fire over controversial remarks. Travis took it one step further when he told Baldwin: “I’m a First Amendment absolutist, I believe in only two things completely, the First Amendment and boobs.” Brooke Baldwin, who has laughed at CNN host Don Lemon as he remarked about Kathy Griffin’s “rack” on live tv, pretended to be shocked and offended by Travis’ remarks.

Baldwin responded, “Hold…hold…hold on. I just want to make sure I heard you correctly, as a woman hosting this show…What did you just say?”

Watch the video below.

Here’s Baldwin’s tweet following her exchange with Travis:

Travis fired back at Baldwin, demanding a “public apology”.

Last year, CNN host Don Lemon had an emotional meltdown live on the air New Years Eve. After taking shots of tequila, he gets his ear pierced and cries like a baby. Brooke Baldwin stopped him when he started unbuttoning his shirt to get his nipple pierced, and producers cut his mic when he started saying 2016 was “awful” and he wanted a boyfriend.

In 2015, Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin represented #VeryFakeNewsCNN as their drunken spokespersons. Any sane person at a legitimate news network would have looked at his embarrassing performance and realized their mistake, but CNN is anything but a serious or legitimate news network.

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