CNN’s Wolf Blitzer got more than he bargained for when attempted to trick Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) into criticizing President Trump for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helenski. 

Wolf’s conversation with Senator Paul started out on a contentious note when it was clear that Blitzer had no interest in hearing anything Paul had to say, as he launched into an anti-Trump rant that made it almost impossible for Senator Paul to answer his question. When Paul finally got the opportunity to talk, he reminded the grand-standing #FakeNewsCNN host that he was invited to be interviewed.

Senator Paul went on to explain why he agrees with President Trump’s decision to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and felt he was justified in calling out the bad behavior of the US intelligence community, using James Clapper and John Brennan as examples of two people who “ginned up” the whole Trump-Russian collusion story with no evidence. Paul reminded Blitzer that John Brennan, who just accused President Trump of “treason” actually voted for a Communist when he was younger.

To prove his point about how common election meddling is, Senator Paul shared a 1946-2000 study by Doug Levine of the Carnegie Mellon Institute that showed the US involved themselves or meddled elections of foreign countries 81 times and that the Soviet Union meddled in elections 36 times.

Paul clarified his thoughts on election meddling in other countries, “It doesn’t make it right, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, any country that can spy does, and any country that can meddle in foreign elections does. All countries are doing this. But we’ve elevated this to a higher degree, and we’ve made all about the sour grapes of Hillary Clinton losing the election, and it’s all partisan politics now. This is truly the Trump Derangement Syndrome that motivates all of this.”

Wolf interrupted to say he disagreed (no surprise) with Senator Paul.

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He used a statement from former Senator Dan Coates who is now the director of National Intelligence about the Russian meddling following the Trump-Putin meeting to prove that Paul was incorrect to support the President.

Paul told Blitzer that he doesn’t disagree with Coates, saying: “What I would say is that instead of making this ‘everything’s about Trump’, and all this craziness—that’s not true—we should try to protect the integrity of our elections. Nobody is talking about protecting the integrity of our elections.”

Senator Paul explained several ways that we, as a nation need to do better to protect the integrity of our election.

Paul took a swipe at Hillary Clinton, telling Blitzer, “Also it’s important that when you say the Russians meddled, they hacked into Hillary Clinton’s emails and revealed some truths about her that weren’t very popular. I agree they did that. But the thing is, nobody’s alleging that votes were changed, or that they got into our electoral system.”

Wolf ignored Paul’s discussion about the lack of evidence of any votes being changed as a result of the hacking of Hillary’s emails.

Wolf asked Senator Paul, “Senator, who do you trust, Senator? The American intelligence community, the American law enforcement community, or Vladimir Putin?”

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Instead of answering Wolf Blitzer’s ridiculous question, Senator Paul brilliantly brought the question back to FBI agent the incredibly biased Peter Strzok, and how people like him should not be allowed to operate with unchecked power.

A clearly agitated Blitzer asked the question again and again. “B…b…but who do you believe?”

Senator Paul handled Blitzer like an angry kid who just had his lunch stolen.

Blitzer Why don’t you just say that you believe in the intelligence community, the law enforcement, you accept their assessments and move on?”

Watch the unbelievable exchange here:

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