It’s no secret that CNN is very biased when it comes to politics…If you’ve watched much of the coverage of the Dem Convention, you know that the coverage has been VERY selective. The protesters and Bernie Sanders supporters were a HUGE presence and made lots of noise but main stream media outlets went out of their way to hide and censor angry protesters. They even went so far as to bring in “white noise” machines and hired phony delegates to fill seats of Bernie supporters who bailed on the convention. Working hand in hand, CNN and the DNC literally choreographed a phony convention made for TV and the low information voters.
Here we have a clip of the chief political analyst for CNN and anchor Wolf Blitzer celebrating and clapping with the Dems…do you think if a FOX anchor did the same thing it wouldn’t be all over the place? This is modern journalism for you…blatant disregard for the appearance of bias while shoving propaganda down the mouthes of low info voters…sickening!

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