If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out on the very funny videos from conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams.

The latest video takes on the triggered reaction from CNN’s Erin Burnett about President Trump asking Melania to make salads for the National Championship Clemson Tigers during their visit.

The CNN hosts went nuts when President Trump suggested that Melania and Karen Pence make salads for Clemson’s football team during their visit to the White House.

Check out the reaction from the women after the video is shown of Trump making the comment:

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You would have thought he’d called for some horrific thing to take place because CNN’s Erin Burnett and Joan Walsh went berzerk calling the remark “appalling” and “incredibly sexist”.

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CNN analyst Joan Walsh says she doesn’t even know why she’s “stuck on this” idiotic attempt at trashing our president. She might want to seek help. There’s nothing to this but a bitter woman who wants to hate on Trump. Yawn…

Is it sexist for a man to joke about his wife making salads or cooking? CNN host is very upset about it Retweet or comment I really want to know what y’all think?

Or am I the only one that don’t think it’s a problem?

The Clemson Tigers loved the fun aspect of the meal and enjoyed the visit. The video of their visit showed a happy team who sang and laughed the entire time. No hate…just love.

The government is shut down but the people at CNN want to just nitpick on every little thing President Trump says.


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