The Democrats sat on their hands and didn’t clap during President Trump’s speech last night. The plan has totally backfired on them. They were obviously ordered not to clap or respond at all to the speech. The Congressional Black Caucus sat on their hands when Trump announced the lowest black unemployment EVER! No standing and no clapping at all…Shame on them!

Check out our video of Joe Manchin below to see what we’re talking about. He started to stand up and then stood back down. So the Democrats don’t allow free thinkers in their party? Looks like it!

Katie Hopkins had a great tweet on this: “Lowest black unemployment rate EVER. Just watch the reaction of those who depend on victim status for support.”


Joe Manchin looks over and then sits back down:

“Did anyone see Sen. Joe Manchin clapping and wanted to stand but looked at Chucky and the rest and decided to sit back. Folks politics is a very dangerous endeavor, it can make good men become really bad. This is it America, it more of hatred for President Trump.”

Donald Trump Jr. had this to say: “The Derangement is real”


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