“Baked Alaska” is a former liberal who wrote for the ultra-liberal Buzzfeed publication.  He’s now a conservative activist and Trump supporter who regularly attends pro-Trump and free-speech rallies to document the violence from the Left, and to show his support for his fellow conservatives.

Baked Alaska can be seen draped in the American flag, while showing his support for law enforcement.

Baked Alaska attended the Charlottesville rally this weekend to peacefully show his support for free speech and was met, not surprisingly, by violence from leftist thugs. The type of violence he encountered however, wasn’t your run of the mill George Soros funded Antifa gang violence, it was more like the kind of violence you see in the Middle East by Muslim extremists. Baked Alaska was walking down the sidewalk filming the activities at the protest, he was met by protestors screaming, “Black Lives Matter!” Within seconds of encountering this very large group of protesters, Baked Alaska can be heard screaming that he was sprayed with “pepper spray” in the eyes.

As it turns out, Baked Alaska was actually sprayed in the eyes with ACID.

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Shorty after the incident, Baked Alaska tweeted about the horrific act of violence committed against him:


Here is one of Baked Alaska’s friends updating his supporters on his condition. Apparently throwing acid in an innocent person’s eyes wasn’t enough for the left, Baked Alaska’s friend @ Millennial_Matt exposed the thousands death threats they, and their families have been receiving after attending the Charlottesville, VA rally in support of free speech:


Here’s a picture of Baked Alaska in the hospital giving the thumbs up to his supporters. He is still unable to see in this picture:


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Baked Alaska tweets about coming together and trying “to understand each other peacefully” shortly after leftists threw acid in his eyes:


Here are some of the responses from the Left to Baked Alaska’s tweet, explaining to his followers that he may have suffered permanent eye damage:



Baked Alaska replied to responses from the hateful leftists here:


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