Hilarious and spot-on conservative, social-media giant, Paul Joseph Watson announced on Twitter that he was “done!”. After waking up to discover that Facebook banned him for a parody video that made fun of feminism that he posted over 18 months ago, Watson had had enough!

YouTube has been banning pro-Trump videos. Watson mentioned the dynamic pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk and how they’re talking about filing a class-action suit against YouTube for demonetizing their videos because all of their advertisers may not agree with their (pro-Trump) views. Watson claims YouTube has demonetized every single video he’s made that criticized Islam.

Watson says he needs to “seriously think about whether it’s worth investing hundreds and hundreds of hours my time every year into something that could completely disappear when I wake up tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll probably ride it until the wheels fall off, but this is it for now. We defeated Hillary. We hit a million subscribers. We had a good run. Better to burn out than to fade away…”


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