An irate passenger at the Orlando International Airport was denied boarding on his flight and then started harassing the police officers. This is what the police deal with all the time but there is a limit to the abuse. The man claims the cop is provoking him and then yells, “Come arrest me!” Welp…the cops arrested the guy and he became a big baby. The crazy thing is the guy says he did this on purpose and would do it again. He’s also a doctor specializing in psychiatric medicine…Hummm Details below…

Police: Man arrested after airline denied boarding

AIRPORT MELTDOWN: Police say a man was taken into custody at Orlando International Airport due to disorderly conduct. According to an arrest report, he had been denied boarding privileges by American Airlines due to "erratic" behavior. STORY:

Posted by Fox 5 DC on Saturday, 18 August 2018

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Jeffrey Epstein, 59, of Lakeland, Florida says he may look crazy in the video, but he’s says he’s not. He said everything he did at the Orlando airport, he did on purpose:

“I’m a provocative guy, and I do it on purpose. You know why? Because people don’t say stuff. If you say it, people will debate it and talk about it. Maybe we’ll get a solution. I figured a white guy getting arrested at an airport might get some attention to these black people who I think are legitimately concerned. If I was a black person, I’d be terrified.”

This all started when American Airlines called the police when Epstein became upset that it was taking so long to get him on his plane. No joke! Is this guy a jerk or what!

We’re confused, was he protesting the delay of his flight or the treatment he says blacks get when arrested.  This guy is so bizarre!

Epstein said he would do it again…we’re not kidding!

He was charged with battery, resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

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“My behavior wasn’t perfect but I think there’s problems in the system and maybe this’ll bring light to it.”…Huh? No, he just looks like a total jackwagon to anyone who sees this video!

Fox 35 reports this shocking detail:

He’s a doctor?! Epstein is a doctor who specializes in geriatrics and psychiatric medicine. Officers said they also found cannabis on him, but Epstein told FOX 35 he was not under the influence of any drugs when the incident happened.



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