Groups of protesters converged on the Senate Building and the Capitol to protest the confirmation vote of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. There were floods of mostly angry women who were victims of the left’s attempts to conflate gang rape with accusations against Judge Kavanaugh…The video below shows a leftist group leader spouting out directions and then the group repeats back what she said…So strange.

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“GO GET HIM” said the leader of the protesters as Louisiana Senator Kennedy walked by. “Super-asshole” he later described to me.


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As much as sexual assault victims have stories to tell and we should listen to them, they are being used by Democrats to make the narrative about victims of sexual assault…even though not one accusation was corroborated!

The Democrats went from groping to sexual assault to rape to gang rape to alcoholism to blacking out to aggressive to poor temperament…FINALLY, FACTS AND REASON WON OUT!

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