Republican US Representatives Marjorie Taylor-Greene (GA), Matt Gaetz (FL) and Louie Gohmert (LA), were denied entry into a federal prison where political prisoners are still being held for their alleged role in the January 6th Capitol incident.

The goal of their visit was to perform a welfare check on the political prisoners who’ve been held in federal prison, many of whom have been held since January 6, 2021, awaiting trials that are scheduled to begin in 2022.

On July 18, American Greatness journalist Julie Kelly reported about the horrific treatment of the political prisoners:

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has repeatedly sought pre-trial detention for Americans who, on January 6, protested Biden’s election.

Detainees include Americans not accused of committing any violent crimes. Current detainees are a few members of the Oath Keepers; the alleged “attackers” of Officer Brian Sicknick, and nonviolent offenders such as Timothy Hale-Cusanelli.

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The defendants have been transported to a special portion of the D.C. prison system used to house those charged with offenses related to January 6. Most were held in solitary confinement conditions, only allowed one hour out of a single-man cell one hour a day, for months until restrictions were recently loosened somewhat.

Defense lawyers complain about lack of access to their clients and access to video evidence captured by the U.S Capitol’s extensive security system, now under protective seal in January 6 cases.

American Greatness has reported on the harsh conditions in the D.C jail, including incidents of abuse and unconstitutional violations of due process.

Prior to their visit, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted going to the “Deplorable Jail in DC.”

RSB was live with the US Reps as they visited the “Deplorable DC Jail.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz was furious that they had discussed their visit with a supervisor before they arrived and when the prison officials inside saw the Republican members of Congress outside the front doors, Gaetz said they “ran away.”

“This is a rare time in this administration where prison is used to lock people out,” Rep. Gohmert told the media.

Gohmert also told the media that the political prisoners inside the federal prison were “being treated worse there than the bloodthirsty terrorists at Guantanamo.”

Watch the longer video of their visit here:

Compare and contrast their treatment to BLM and Antifa terrorists responsible for assaulting innocent Americans, disrupting or completely stopping traffic on major highways, burning and looting cities, destroying homes, and terrorizing neighborhoods. Instead of placing these domestic terrorists in solitary confinement, then-Senator Kamala Harris was fundraising online for bail money.

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