Off-duty FBI Agents might want to leave the weapons at home if they plan on doing backflips on the dance floor. Just a suggestion…but seriously? What was this bumbling guy thinking?

The FBI agent was dancing in the middle of a crowd at a Colorado bar when he decided to pull a smooth move and do a backflip on the dance floor. His not-so-smooth move made his gun suddenly fall and as he goes to pick it up, it SHOOTS into the crowd and hits a man’s leg!

Paramedics were called to the scene to take the injured man to the hospital. He had a bullet wound to the leg and is expected to be ok.

The video was uploaded to the internet by a woman named Julie who was shocked that the off-duty FBI agent just calmly walked off the dance floor after shooting the man. You can see everyone on the dance floor start to scatter when the gun goes off but the agent walks away with his hands in the air…

The agent was taken to the Denver Police Headquarters.  He was released to an FBI supervisor pending review of what happened.


The agent tried to sue claiming the video damaged his reputation. You really can’t make this stuff up!

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