Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said he won’t resign during a lengthy interview Sunday where CNN host Jake Tapper mentioned the multiple red flags his office missed on the shooter at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Jake Tapper started his interview with Sheriff Israel reminding him and CNN viewers that on November 30, 2017, Israel’s Broward County Sherrif’s office received a tipster, that “explicitly warned” that 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, the Stoneman Douglas High School killer could be a “school shooter in the making”.  Tapper reminded the Sheriff that no report was even initiated. Tapper asked Sheriff Israel if he even understands why the public is outraged, that after “red flag after red flag” and “warning after warning” didn’t even make a report on the call?

Tapper brought up a letter from Florida State Rep. Bill Hager (R.) who sent a letter to Gov. Rick Scott (R.) asking for Israel to be removed from duty.

“An investigation by Sheriff Israel into the unfathomable inaction of these deputies will do nothing to bring back the 17 victims. The Sheriff was fully aware of the threat this individual presented to his community and chose to ignore it,” Tapper read.

“What’s your response and will you resign?” Tapper asked.

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“Of course I won’t resign. It was a shameful letter, it was politically motivated, I never met that man, he doesn’t know anything about me, and the letter was full of misinformation,” Israel said.

Then, the sheriff claimed he addressed the alleged misinformation to Scott.

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“I wrote a letter back to the governor, I talked about all the mistakes that Hager made in his letter. It was a shamefully, politically motivated letter that had no facts, and of course I won’t resign,” Israel said. –WFB

 Broward County Sheriff Israel arrogantly deflected any responsibility for the massive failure of his deputies, claiming that he’s “given amazing leadership to this agency”, Tapper snapped back, mocking Israel, asking “amazing leadership?” Tapper then slammed Israel’s response, clarifying how “amazing leadership” should be measured:  “Maybe you measure somebody’s leadership by whether or not they protect the community. In this case, you’ve listed 23 incidents before the shooting, involving the shooter, and still, nothing was done to keep guns out of his hands, to make sure that the school was protected, to make sure you were keeping an eye on him. Your deputy at the school failed. I don’t’ get how you can sit there and claim ‘amazing leadership!'”

Jake Tapper’s not the only one calling out Sheriff Israel. Judge Jeanine ripped the incompetent Sheriff and his deputies to shreds in her opening statement:

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