Just listen to Congresswoman Lowey below say that there is “no consensus” in her party and won’t be until the government is opened. The mantra that the government must be opened before Democrats can negotiate has been repeated by all of Pelosi’s puppets who follow her marching orders.

This woman is the CHAIR of the Appropriations Committee! Notice how she totally dodges the question about what makes up a ‘smart wall’. Instead, she says, “I find that proposal you’re talking about is interesting…”

THIS is your government at work! This woman is another poster child for term limits. She’s served in Congress since 1988!

Lowey is following Pelosi’s orders by standing firm on not paying federal employees while the government is shut down:

She voted against the CR that would have paid the employees and had this to say:

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“This would pay employees.”

“The order of business is very simple: reopen the government, pay federal employees, and then negotiate on border security and immigration policy.”

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Does anyone trust these people anymore? President Trump would be giving away his bargaining chip if he reopened the government. He has zero guarantees that the Democrats would come to the table after the refusal to do so prior to the shutdown.


The House Committee on Appropriations — comprised of 30 Democrats and 23 Republicans and organized into 12 subcommittees — is responsible for writing the laws that fund the federal government’s important responsibilities.

Led by Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey, Appropriations Democrats are fighting for investments that create jobs, grow our economy, help middle-class families and people struggling to get into the middle class and keep our country safe and secure.

Through the 12 appropriations bills that the Committee considers each year, the 30 Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee advocate for A Better Deal for working Americans by prioritizing good schools, robust job training, affordable higher education, quality health care, and better infrastructure.





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