DEMOCRAT SENATOR Joe Donnelly gave an answer during a debate that has been called offensive by everyone on the right. Twitter is full of comment calling out Donnelly for his answer to a question. The Democrats and the mainstream media have pretty much ignored this comment about diversity from Donnelly…What do you think?

“Our state director is Indian American, but he does an amazing job. Our director of all constituent services she’s African American, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine.”

The cringe-inducing gaffe has been ignored but can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot?

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This will be interesting since former President Barack Obama is supposed to campaign for Donnelly in Indiana this weekend.

This is the second recent comment by a Democrat that has raised eyebrows:

Hillary Clinton was asked about Eric Holder after an interviewer mixed him up with Cory Booker. It was then that during the interview she said, “Yeah, I know they all look alike.” The crowd roared with laughter and the interviewer said, “good one”. Can you imagine if anyone else said that? It would be all over the news for days! Yet, here’s a clip from an interview done days ago and we’re just now seeing this. Amazing!

Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to call her out on this racist remark said in jest. It won’t happen and she’ll never admit her outright racism.

This is the same interview where Clinton made the outrageous remark that she is actually thinking of running for president again. She said she would decide after the midterms. The quote that got us was when she said: “I want to be president”.


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