It’s how they roll these days…

Cameras caught another Democrat “sign-stealer” just casually pulling up Republican Ron DeSantis’ campaign signs. She was confronted but just kept on walking. Watch as she brazenly refuses to drop the signs or stop pulling them up:

Is this condoned by the DNC? Is this the new tactic of brazen theft and lawlessness coming from the left?

We caught another “sign-stealer” recently in a bizarre video where he behaves like a crazed madman as he’s pulling up Ted Cruz signs:

A crazed leftist ripped apart Ted Cruz signs and basically behaved like a madman while a Cruz supporter filmed him. A Houston resident was placing Cruz signs when the man arrogantly pulled signs out of the ground and then became aggressive towards the man filming.

The last part of the video shows the man bragging to people about what he did and then claiming the man filming doesn’t belong in the neighborhood.

It’s more disgusting behavior from intolerant liberals:

Aggression and violence has become more and more heightened. Not sure if I’d follow that guy anywhere…he’s bananas!


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