Spewing falsehoods has become the favorite pastime of Democrats…It’s really pitiful to watch…
Last night, following the release of the Washington Post fake news on Trump and Russia, several videos immediately came out repeating the same fake news. It’s uncanny that the media could be so coordinated in their reports on President Trump…Of course, we believe there’s something to that.

Two “Congresscritters” have come out to call for the impeachment of President Trump….With ZERO evidence of ANY wrongdoing, it’s laughable…

One of our favorites is Maxine Waters but this next Congressman runs a close second. Al Green claims Trump was “hobnobbing” with the Russians…Haha!

Congressman Al Green just released a statement on why he believes President Trump should be impeached. This statement is laughable. Was Al Green elected because of his name? Voters can be that way, ya know…

This guy is the definition of clueless! Who elects these brainiacs?

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has suggested impeachment during TV interviews, but Green is the first member of Congress to formally call for impeachment hearings.

Green said Trump’s own public statements showed he fired Comey over the Russia investigation, which he said was grounds for impeachment:

Waters and Green are a total joke! These are just two of the jokers running Washington. This is truly scary.

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