While our border patrol agents put everything on the line to protect our borders and protect Americans, elected officials like the one below are spewing hateful rhetoric about them.

This bleeding heart liberal delivers a sickeningly dramatic objection to the terms that are used to describe illegals breaking our laws by coming across our border.

She claims that the terms like “alien” and “UAM” (unaccompanied minor) dehumanize the people who are breaking our laws.

She ends her rant by saying it’s just like “back in Germany”.

Who elects these people?

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Democrat Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon just compared our border patrol agents to Nazis “back in Germany”.

The insinuation that anyone who supports President Trump or is for securing our border is a Nazi has been going on since before Trump was elected.

It continues with comments like the one cory Booker used just recently:

Cory Booker says the ‘Green New Deal’ is “like fighting Nazis”.


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