Democrat Chris Hahn makes the rounds on Fox News to give the leftist opinion on just about everything. He just let his fascist mask slip when he said that people who disagree with specific opinions that are widely believed should be “dealt with”…Yes, he really said what the left claims they are fighting against. It’s like the irony of Antifa aka anti-fascists who beat people up who don’t agree with them.

Hahn said people should be “dealt with”:

“Look, I believe you have to get everyone to come around at the idea that all men and all women are created equal in this country and should be treated with dignity and respect. When there are people who are not willing to treat people with dignity and respect, they need to be dealt with in society because this is not what we have in a welcoming open society, people who are actively trying to hurt people based on their race, sex, religion, gender or sexual identity.”

“Dealt with”???
It’s no surprise that Hahn was a Senior aide to Senator Chuck Schumer for 5 years.

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